City Rep Lily Limon Crying, Again, And Her Tears STILL Aren’t For You!

In July, the topic of hourly wages for city and contract employees was discussed.  During the meeting, Rep Lily Limon tearfully pleaded with City Council to raise the minimum wage to $10 for contract workers.  Rep Noe said Limon’s plan would be bad for taxpayers. “We’re voluntarily, that is artificially, raising the price of a contract and saying ‘okay I’m not going to pay for it. The taxpayers are going to pay for this.”

Well, the topic came up again yesterday.  An emotional Lily Limon tried again to “raise the minimum wage for janitorial, security and grounds maintenance contract workers to $10 an hour.”  City staff reported the increase would have an estimated $3 million annual budget impact – that’s an extra $3 million that needs to come from somewhere.  They had to raise property taxes to accommodate the budget for this year WITHOUT the $3 million increase, so there is no way the current (or future) budget could account for this.

The City Council has tabled the vote until they get more information. “The City will seek input from UTEP, The Hunt Institute for Global Competitiveness and its consultants in order to learn how other cities dealt with similar proposals.”


How Does Valenti’s Pay Compare?

According to MySA (a San Antonio news outlet), the CEO of University Health System, George Hernandez Jr.,  was awarded a 7 percent increase.  This prompted the news outlet to do a comparison of wages for other county hospitals and UMC’s CEO Jim Valenti was included in that.  Interesting to note that both El Paso and Houston paid their CEO’s significantly less than Fort Worth, Dallas and San Antonio.  What does this mean for the future CEO of UMC?  Are we going to see a jump in the amount of money UMC pays their CEO?