No Charter Schools – Other Than That, EPISD Has NO Plan For Old Schools

In case you missed it, you can watch the town hall hosted by the El Paso Times here. When asked what would happen with the old schools, Juan Cabrera (EPISD Superintendent), stated that they would ensure that the land and schools did not have the opportunity to go to charter schools.  Mr. Cabrera threw out a mixed bag of ideas:  Trade land with other entities in El Paso (UTEP, EPWU, etc), retail, multi-family, a park.  “It can be anything that community wants.”

Consolidation of the campus will take 18 – 24 months.  So, as far as the EPISD is concerned, there is no rush to figure out what to do with the land.  Instead, they are going to wait and then work with the community to figure out what to do with the land.  “There will be at least one community meeting.”  In other words, EPISD has no plan and no timeline to figure out what to do with the closed schools.  They have put no thought into how they could use that land to generate income for the school district (and thereby off-setting some of the bond costs).  The only thing they are sure of is that it will NOT go to Charter schools.

The lack of a plan or any type of cost-saving information (other than the projected $1 million a year per closed school) is concerning.  The EPISD has just asked for a HUGE amount of money and told us that they’ll figure out the rest as they go along.  As a final note, EPISD has stated that, even if the bond doesn’t pass they’ll still have to consolidate those schools.  So, shouldn’t they be working on the plan for those properties now?