Today we would like to thank every one of our petition signers.  So often we hear that the people in El Paso don’t care or don’t get involved.  However, our 533 signers in 2 1/2 weeks shows that the people of El Paso do care and do get involved when it matters. Each of your signatures has had a direct impact in advocating for the County Commissioners to be responsible with our tax dollars and to work with El Paso Children’s Hospital for the betterment of our community. Unlike the recent vivavalenti campaign, we didn’t have to spend any money to encourage people to sign our petition or voice their concerns.  The alarmingly small number of people who have signed his petition (66) after a month of newspaper and radio ads is very telling – the people of El Paso speak up on issues that matter to them and ignore everything else.

Thank you to all of you for your support and standing together in numbers.  We elected these officials, we asked them to speak for us and to work for us.  However, if we do not speak out and let them know what we want and need, then we have no one to blame but ourselves.

If you have another minute or so, here are a few more things you can do:

  1.  If you’re not already, follow us on facebook (ELP Tax Guardians), twitter or our blog (, where you’ll get more updates on issues impacting El Paso Tax Payers.  Leave us comments and let us know what tax issues in El Paso are concerning you.
  2. If you would like to send a letter to any of the County Commissioners or the County Judge, you may email them at: Veronica Escobar (County Judge):, Carlos Leon (Commissioner Precinct 1): Commissioner1
    , David Stout (Commissioner Precinct 2):, Vincent Perez (Commissioner Precinct 3):, Andrew Haggerty (Commissioner Precinct 4):
  3. Consider getting involved.  UMC is currently accepting applications for the El Paso Children’s Hospital Board through November 30th (application here).  Don’t like what is happening, then do something about it.