EPISD Bond Accountability – What We Have To Look Forward To

EPISD wants you to trust them with the $669 million bond they are asking for.  They state that this is a new EPISD that we are dealing with, something COMPLETELY different than the corrupt EPISD of the past.  As part of their presentation about the bond, they included the above slide on how they would be accountable for the bond money.  They are going to create a bond advisory committee – feel better?

Well, in April of 2015 the El Paso Independent School District Board of Managers overruled the unanimous vote of its own 2007 bond advisory committee.  The committee had made the recommendation to NOT spend $1.9 million of 2007 bond contingency funds.  What the Board of Managers was asking for wasn’t unreasonable, they wanted to put the money toward projects in its modernization plan.  However, the advisory committee wanted to wait until the elected board of trustees was in place later that year.  The Board of Managers did NOT, so they overruled their advisory committee.

This entire scenario is what has so many El Pasoans concerned.  EPISD tries to make you feel better by telling you that there is an advisory committee, a committee made up of tax payers just like you, who are working with them throughout the entire bond.  However, they don’t have to take the committee’s recommendations.  In fact, even when the committee had a unanimous vote, they still overruled them and spent the money.  Their reasoning:  “Why would we want to take [millions] out of the general fund, when we know it’s declining anyway and not use the readily available bond funds that are just sitting there and haven’t been appropriated?”


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