EPISD – What Percentage of Your Property Taxes Do They Currently Get?

If you were to guess the percentage of your property taxes that go to EPISD, what would you guess?  10%? 20%? Given that EPISD is asking for a $669 million dollars, it might be reasonable to guess that the El Paso School District receives a relatively small percentage. For 2015 44.55% of your property taxes went to EPISD:

Taxing Unit 2015 Tax Rate % of Tax Rate Source
City of El Paso 0.729725 26.33%  Click Here
EPISD 1.235 44.55%  Click Here
County of El Paso 0.452694 16.33%  Click Here
EPCC 0.133811 4.83%  Click Here
UMC 0.220682 7.96%  Click Here
Total 2.771912 100.00%

If the bond gets passed (including the other tax increases already approved), that number jumps to 47.31% once all of the bonds have been issued.  So, almost 50% of your property taxes will be paid to EPISD:

Taxing Unit 2016 Tax Rate % of Tax Rate
City of El Paso 0.759656 25.31%
EPISD 1.42 47.31%
County of El Paso 0.452694 15.08%
EPCC 0.134909 4.49%
UMC 0.234456 7.81%
Total 3.001715 100.00%

EPISD projects that they will get $169,337,789 from property taxes for the 2016-2017 school year WITHOUT THE BOND.  Adding in other Local Revenues, State Revenues and Federal Revenues, they project that they will have $497,673,310 for the 2016 – 2017 school year.  What we can’t understand is this:  what is happening with the money that they get now?  Why has EPISD decided to put their hands out for more money from you rather than showing us that they’ve made any efforts to cut costs or be more efficient?

We’ve been told that EPISD needs such a large bond because they are “playing catch up”:  “A district of this size with aging buildings needs to have a bond every five to seven years,” EPISD Superintendent Juan Cabrera said after the meeting. “I think we’re playing catch-up.”  Does this mean that they’ll have their hands out again in another 5-7 years, before they’ve finished with this bond?

You can look at your own tax bill here: https://actweb.acttax.com/act_webdev/elpaso/showlist.jsp



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