EPISD Spending $237 Million to Save $9 Million

EPISD is going to spend $237,772,078 for consolidations. You can see their entire flyer here.


However, they are projecting that they are going to save approximately $9 million from those consolidations:


Of course they give no information on what these numbers mean.  We’re going to assume that this is an annual savings.  If that is the case, it will take more than 26.4 years for these consolidations to pay for themselves.  Not a great return on investment. Although it doesn’t really matter what the ROI is, last week the EPISD board of trustees committed to giving the savings from the consolidations, the “excess” $9 million, to teachers and employees.  If the bond passes, they all get raises.  If it doesn’t pass, then no raises.




2 thoughts on “EPISD Spending $237 Million to Save $9 Million

  1. I think you have the right take on this. Meanwhile, why is there apparently no thought given to perhaps selling one or more of the soon to be abandoned campuses. You know, the City of El Paso no longer has a City Hall.


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