Either The EPISD Or The El Paso Times Fails At Math

An eagle-eyed reader pointed out a discrepancy in the El Paso Times Article “EPISD sends $668.7 million bond to ballot“.  In the article they state the following about the increase in Property Taxes if the EPISD bond passes:

“If voters pass the EPISD measure on Nov. 8, the property tax rate would rise by 18.8 cents to $1.42 per $100 property valuation. Taxpayers with a $138,000 home, the average in the district, would pay an additional $213 annually.”

See the problem?

$138,000/$100 = 1380 (this is to calculate per $100 valuation)

1380 x $1.42 = $1,959.60 (this is how much the property taxes would go up by, not $213)

Even if you adjust it to be 18.8 cents to $1.42 per $1000, the math STILL doesn’t make sense!  In that case, the $138,000 home would be paying an extra $195.96 per year.

We suspect that there is a typo and that it should be per $1000 property valuation.  However, we have NO IDEA how they got to their final number of $213 annually. If these numbers came from the EPISD, quake in fear as they try to manage over 1/2 billion in bond money.




2 thoughts on “Either The EPISD Or The El Paso Times Fails At Math

  1. Actually, I think maybe YOU guys failed at math. A $138,000 home, after the $25,000 exemptions, is taxable at $113,000. An increase of 18.8 cents per $100 valuation leads to a roughly $213.00 total tax increase- 1130 x $0.188= $212.44. Or am I the math dummy here?


  2. I don’t support the bond issue, but here’s the math at play here: $138K home minus $25K school exemption equals $113K home. $113K divided by $100 equals 1,130 “hundred dollar valuations”. Now multiply the 18.8 cent increase by 1,130 and get $212.44.


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