County Commissioners Take Back Raises, But Not Their Own

Today the El Paso County Commissioners decided to take back some of the raises approved last week.  However, the largest raises (and the ones they gave themselves) remain.  

According to KFOX, “The proposed raises for those 11 positions had the smallest increase of all, averaging around $2,000 annually per employee, but the raises for commissioners, constables and the judge are here to stay.”

There is still time, the raises won’t be final until the budget is finalized in September.


3 thoughts on “County Commissioners Take Back Raises, But Not Their Own

  1. Dan Haggerty said that the positions were part-time at best. If they cannot survive on $60,000, they cannot budget their money and should not have their filthy paws on our tax dollars.

    Vince’s girl had the audacity to ask for a raise when she was first elected and was going to resign her seat because she said she needed money. The ninny thought the city manager could give her a raise and was foolish enough to tell others about it thinking she was smart.

    City council cannot vote a raise for themselves. They can vote to put it on a charter election, but it is up to the voters. Why isn’t the commissioners court handled the same way?


  2. From our source the CCC took a pounding from the public over the raise this passed weekend. That is why Perez and Vero were so smug in Monday’s CCC meeting and trying to make more excuses about the raise. Even Niland took them to task on her face book and the majority of post were in support of no raises for the CCC members. People this speaks volume because a protest of any kind against local government actions rarely take place at this level and magnitude by the people of El Paso County. We wish to thank every one for standing up and engaging the County Commissioners Court we need more of this in El Paso County. It is not over until the CCC passes the budget keep giving them hell and make the CCC heel themselves to the will of the people of El Paso County.

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