Adding It All Up -Who Can Raise Your Property Taxes

Did you know that there are currently twenty-eight (28) taxing entities (i.e. 28 entities that can impact your property taxes) in the County of El Paso?  Here they are:

  • City of El Paso
  • Homestead M.U.D. – located in the unincorporated eastside area in the County of El Paso’s regional water and wastewater plan.  The Homestead MUD water distribution system is approximately a square mile and lies within a low density, economically depressed area that is just over a square mile.
  • El Paso I.S.D. – El Paso Independent School District
  • City of Socorro
  • Ysleta I.S.D. – Ysleta Independent School District
  • County of El Paso
  • EP Community College
  • RE Thomason Hospital – Now Named University Medical Center (UMC)
  • Socorro I.S.D. – Socorro Independent School District
  • Clint I.S.D. – Clint Independent School District
  • Fabens I.S.D. – Fabens Independent School District
  • Town of Clint
  • Horizon Regional M.U.D. – Located in east El Paso County, Texas, HRMUD currently serves approximately 9,183 customers over 100,000 acres, primarily in the Horizon City area. As of 2013, El Paso County Water Authority is now Horizon Regional M.U.D.
  • Emergency Services Dist. #1  – The EPCESD#1 is responsible for emergency services, in conjunction with the county contracted  ambulance service, for Horizon City, Agua Dulce, Ascension, Lakeway, and other surrounding communities.
  • Anthony I.S.D. – Anthony Independent School District
  • Town of Anthony
  • Canutillo I.S.D. – Canutillo Independent School District
  • San Elizario I.S.D. – San Elizario Independent School District
  • Tornillo I.S.D. – Tornillo Independent School District
  • Westway Water Dist – Westway is a census-designated place (CDP) in El Paso  county, Texas, United States. The population was 4,188 at the 2010 census.[3] It is part of the El PasoMetropolitan Statistical Area. It is located east of Interstate 10 about 2 miles (3 km) from the New Mexico – Texas state line. The ZIP Code encompassing the CDP area is 79835.
  • Hacienda Del Norte Water Dist
  • Lower Valley Water Authority – The Lower Valley Water District, a MUD in El Paso County, provides water and wastewater services to approximately 8,000 customers.
  • Emergency Services Dist #2 –  The El Paso County Emergency Services District #2 has six fire departments and a Fire Marshal Division:
    • Clint Fire Department
    • Fabens Fire and Rescue
    • Fire Marshal Division
    • Montana Vista Fire and Rescue
    • San Elizario Fire and Rescue
    • Socorro Fire Department
    • West Valley Fire Department
  • Tornillo Water Dist
  • City of Horizon
  • Downtown Mgt. Dist – The El Paso Downtown Management District (DMD) seeks to make DWNTWN El Paso the center of commercial, civic and cultural activity. It is funded by assessment revenue from property within the district and through collaboration on specific projects and programs with the City of El Paso.
  • EPCMUD #1
  • EPCWCI #4

Obviously you aren’t going to being paying to ALL 28 of these entities.  Depending on where you live, you will pay to only one I.S.D, a water district, one Emergency Services District and, presumably, only one City tax.  However, as you have noticed, when these entities are talking about issuing bonds or raising your property taxes to support their initiatives, they ONLY talk about how what THEY are doing is going to impact you. Nowhere do any of them tell you the total amount your property taxes are going to go up. Each entities stresses how little they are asking you for:  “your property taxes are only going to go up by $56 a year, that’s nothing!”  But, adding it all together and it really does become something.  We’re not telling you to vote for or against any particular bond project, but we are asking you to be an informed voter.  Look at the property taxes you are paying now (you can check by clicking here) and be an informed voter.

We realize that there were some of the 28 entities that we did not provide explanations for.  We felt that the cities were self explanatory.  As for the others, it was difficult to determine what they were or what areas they served.  If you happen to know, let us know and provide a source we can reference.


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