Tick Tock – Jim Valenti’s Clock is Running Down

The UMC Board met yesterday in Executive Session to discuss their new CEO.  While UMC says they won’t release any details about who they have interviewed or to whom they might offer the job, they have said that they are three to four weeks out.  According to the El Paso Times, UMC Board Chairman Steve DeGroat said, “I think we should have somebody on board by July 1.”  Additionally, DeGroat stated that Jim Valenti’s last day is expected to be sometime in June:  “He’ll stay some days of the month of June — whether that’s a week, or two, or three or four. But I would say no longer than July 1.”

If UMC is expecting their new CEO to start in July and Jim Valenti is expected to leave in June, so much for the contract extension to “be used in case the former CEO needs to mentor the new leader and help in the transition process.” (You can read the El Paso Times Story here).  Given that the “hospital district will send Valenti a letter notifying him about his last day on the job. The letter will be sent 30 days in advance,” they must already know when his last day will be (and have already told him) and are just not releasing that information.

It would appear that Jim Valenti’s time at UMC is coming to a close.  We wonder what this “new era” for UMC is going to look like.


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