Paleta Power Getting People To Vote

We all know that voter turn out in El Paso is embarrassingly low. A new initiative, Paleta Power, is trying to change that.  According to Amanda Formica, Paleta Power Project Director, “We want to find out what issues are most important to people, help them understand how they can make a difference, and use the information we collect to make it easier for people to participate in the civic process.” (You can read the El Paso Herald-Post story here).  Paleta Power has residents vote for their favorite flavor with the majority flavor winning.  It will also ask people their opinions on how to improve their neighborhoods, answer questions about the election process and register voters.

This new initiative is being supported by Commissioner Stout, who read a resolution of support from the Commissioner’s Court on May 2nd, and Senator Jose Rodriguez who passed a similar resolution at the Texas State Senate.

You can attend the first El Paso Civic Participation Collaborative meeting on Thursday, May 12 at 1pm at Café Mayapan or get involved by going to their next volunteer training on Wednesday, May 18, 5-7pm at the Glasbox, 210 Poplar St. To find out where you can get your free popsicle and vote for your favorite flavor, visit  You can also see their gofundme project by clicking here.

What do you think?  Will giving you a Popsicle get you out to vote?


One thought on “Paleta Power Getting People To Vote

  1. If you need a popsicle to entice you to vote, then not only should you be banned from voting, you should be castrated – using a popsicle stick for poetic justice. l have yet to here even one logical reason why l should try to convince someone to vote if they’re not going to vote the way that l’m voting.


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