UMC Get’s A D and Claims Rating System is Flawed

The Leapfrog Group has published its quarterly scores and, like last year, UMC didn’t score very well.  It received a ‘D‘ rating with failures in areas such as infections in the blood during an ICU stay, death from serious treatable complications, dangerous bed sores and responsiveness of hospital staff, to name a few (you can view the entire report here).  UMC, of course is stating that the report is inaccurate and, according to KFOX, a spokesman for UMC stated that the “method the group uses to collect the data doesn’t paint a true picture of any hospital because it rates all different types of hospitals on the same scale.”  Several Senators have even written a letter stating that “the current Star Rating System may not accurately take into account hospitals that treat patients with low socioeconomic status or multiple complex chronic conditions” (You can read the entire letter here).  So, we decided to take a look at the other Texas County Hospitals that would be dealing with the same patient pools.  Here are the comparisons for County Hospitals in San Antonio, Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston and Austin:

University Health System, San Antonio:  C

Parkland Health & Hospital System, Dallas:  B

John Peter Smith Hospital (JPS), Fort Worth: C

Harris County Hospital District, Houston:  C

University Medical Center at Brackenridge, Austin: B

Even among other county hospitals in Texas, UMC still rates the LOWEST.  Are the scores skewed to rate hospitals lower that treat the indigent population?  Possibly.  However, unless the scores are skewed to attack ONLY University Medical Center of El Paso, then all County Hospitals in Texas are getting the same treatment and are still able to pull rating of C or higher.


One thought on “UMC Get’s A D and Claims Rating System is Flawed

  1. Yep typical El Paso mentality throw the victim card instead of taking responsibility for ones own failures. Yep let’s not fix the problems, make excuses,just ignore it, maybe it will just go away, that should work.


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