Tommy Gonzalez Ethics Review Cancelled? Postponed? Will Be Rescheduled?

The El Paso Times is reporting that Tommy Gonzalez’s ethics review scheduled for April 26, 2016 has been ‘cancelled’ while he deals with a family matter.  However, the article states that the meeting will be rescheduled for some undetermined date in the future.  Wouldn’t that mean that the meeting has been postponed?  Why use the word cancelled?  We wonder if the meeting will actually be held.

Then there is the piece that refuse the juice published this week about a leak on the ethics commission.  Apparently the updated Ross Fischer report the Times and other media outlets published earlier this week went to the ethics counsel and the press but never made its way to the City Council.  According to, “nobody on council seemed to know what was going on until they read the paper.”  This makes us wonder, was Tommy Gonzalez’s family matter used as an excuse to cancel the meeting while the City Council yells at the ethics commission?


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