Congratulations to Diana Natalicio, UTEP President

It is so infrequent that El Paso is nationally recognized for a good thing.  So, we thought we would also offer our congratulations to Diana Natalicio, current UTEP President, for being named one of Time Magazine’s ‘100 Most Influential People’.  In an article written by U.S. Housing Secretary, Julian Castro, Natalicio is praise for “a masterful job of shaping her school to the surrounding community, not the other way around.” (You can read the article here).

Diana Natalicio became UTEP’s first woman president in 1988 and is today the longest-serving still sitting president of a major public research university in the United States. (You can read the El Paso Herald-Post story here). In February of this year, Natalicio had a health scare she collapsed on campus and was rushed to the hospital. Since then her recovery has been good and she has returned to work at UTEP.  From her statement to UTEP faculty, staff and students in March:  “Important work remains to be done to increase opportunities for our students and continue reinforcing UTEP’s national model of access and excellence. I am deeply gratified to be able to continue partnering with all of you to get this work done!”

Go Natalicio!

You can read Natalicio’s full bio on the UTEP page here.

Photo courtesy the website.


One thought on “Congratulations to Diana Natalicio, UTEP President

  1. Non_sense!!!!!!!!!!!! Propaganda!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who real take “The Times 100” seriously????????? One has to go no further than looking who made the list. Clearly the standards and bar to make the “Times 100” are no real high.
    Here is just one example of the non-sense. “Over 80% of UTEP’s more than 23,000 students are Mexican American”. Not hard to figure out Natalicio has nothing to do with UTEP having this population when the community is 85% Hispanic.
    The article left out Natalicio hasn’t change much the timely graduation of students or the high number of those who just gave up and left. Or the open sexism that goes on with some female staff members.
    What Nacho has proven once again ,which is common in EL Paso, is it only has to sound good, look good on the out side it’s doesn’t have to really function to what has been promised. Face it UTEP mostly is a cook cutter liberal art factory at a high cost and not much more. Then let us let El Paso stupid and El Paso proud reign supreme. Yep seems that is working real well for El Paso right now.


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