Larry Romero Won’t Give Back Money Unless Everyone Else Does

The ethics committee has finally concluded their investigation into Larry Romero and has determined that he did commit some ethical violations.  Since he had already resigned, the only thing they could do was have him sign a letter of reprimand acknowledging his wrong doing.  According to KFOX, there were three times the ethics commission found Romero violated city code in relation to two different street projects:  the use of city funds to repave Polk Street where he also owned property and that he pushed for the use of city funds to repave an alleyway used by two of his campaign contributors.

Of course, that is not the end of the story.  Larry Romero continues to receive a paycheck from the City, even though he resigned and he will continue to be paid until his successor is chosen.  Even though the law allows his continued pay, he does not have to accept the money.  Romero’s response?  “You ask every other city rep if they’re going to give back the check for every meeting they’ve missed. I guarantee you they’re not.”  But, that isn’t really the same thing.  Every other city rep hasn’t resigned from their job whereas Romero has.  He has said that he is not doing the job and has no intention of doing the job but is upset that people are asking him to return the money for a job that he isn’t doing.

2 thoughts on “Larry Romero Won’t Give Back Money Unless Everyone Else Does

  1. Do you know what I “like” about Romero? lt’s that the other 17 million political weasels in this town continue to do there darnedest to deny/cover up there weasel-like antics, but not our beloved Larry. You see, apparently Larr feels very comfortable getting in touch with his ‘inner weasel-ness.’ ‘Yeah, l’m going to keep the monry even though l’m not working, now go screw yourselves.’ l kind of admire that in a weasel. Good job, Larr. l just hope you spend those 30 pieces of silver wisely because no one is going to want to do business with you in this town.


  2. How petty to worry about Larry Romero’s pittance when most of the remaining Council members collect a salary for acting like babies. They posture and cover their rears over the City Manager they loved last year, now hate for no other reason than the El Paso Times’ agenda and biased reporting. Come on, worry about something that matters. Romero’s “crime” was making the other reps look bad.


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