Joyce Wilson Falls On Her Sword

In an August 2013 email to City Attorney Sylvia Firth, Joyce Wilson said the following: “Several council members raised concerns about the timing of this activity in relation to the upcoming general election, specifically because of the ongoing controversy over the project… Specifically no one said that a delay would be harmful to the financing or project costs. Further, I advised the former mayor and (mayor) pro tem of this request and both concurred it was better to hold off until after the general election if it was practical to do so.”  However, both Former Mayor John Cook and Mayor Pro Tem Ann Lilly contradicted her in this KVIA Report.

Then Joyce Wilson decided to call everyone liars (including herself, it would appear), by saying that she and the former city council did NOT purposely delay issuance of the ballpark debt and that El Paso just needed to move on: “Frankly it is pitiful some individuals are still trying to discredit people who are no longer with the City instead of focusing on the business at hand like executing new projects and moving the city forward.” You can read the KVIA story here.

Most likely, Joyce Wilson thought that would be the end of it.  Unfortunately for her, Larry Romero tried to use that $22 million ‘oops’ to try and replace the financial advisors for the city;  a process that spiraled out of control when it was discovered that Romero failed to disclose that he had worked for the financial advisors he tried to bring in.  Ultimately City Council contracted with Ross Fischer to investigate the replacement of the financial advisors as well as the delay in the issuance of the ballpark bonds.  Rather than name names, Joyce Wilson refused to cooperate with Ross Fischer and told him she would speak to her attorney “before deciding whether to name the individuals who directed the delay of the bond issuance.” (You can read the KVIA story here).

Yesterday, the El Paso Times reported that Joyce Wilson had finally provided a statement.  In it she states the decision to delay was hers and no one else’s:  “In fact, there was no council member who asked me to delay placing the bond resolution on the (April 30, 2013) agenda,” Wilson said in the letter. “I did not actually state in my August 2013 statement that any council member had made this request. I stated that several council members ‘raised concerns’ about the timing of the activity.”  She then states that “I believe this interest has been generated by Ross Fischer’s opinion that the delay was for ‘political motives. There is no support for this theory.”  What?  Sure, Ross Fischer came up with that idea AFTER YOU SAID IT!  Seriously, it took her a month to write that letter?  More likely, it took her a month to ‘decide’ how beneficial it would be to her to take all of the blame and exactly what legal-speak she could use to get out of the statements she had already made.

You be the judge: given that she has consistently stated that she wasn’t the only person to make this decision (until that last statement), what do you think she got in return?


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