Who Is Going To Ride The Trolley?

Nobody is riding the buses to the Chihuahua baseball games, so Sun Metro is going to discontinue them.  According to Sun Metro Director Jay Banasiak, during the 2015 baseball season  just three people per hour were riding the bus while regular Sun Metro routes average 25 to 30 people per hour. According to KVIA, the program was costing Sun Metro between $200,000 to $250,000 a year to run.

So, when people had a specific destination to get to (i.e. the baseball games) they weren’t riding the buses.  Other than for that first thrill ride, who is going to ride the trolley?  $97 million, that is what the Texas Transportation Committee is paying to have this trolley installed and it is going to cover a very limited area.  Also, that $97 million covers installing the trolleys, but guess who is going to have to foot the bill for them when nobody is riding them and they can’t cover their own costs…

One thought on “Who Is Going To Ride The Trolley?

  1. Ain’t no suprise to me no one is riding the bus to the ball game. I have yet to see any information on the ‘rent-a-bike’ sytem like how many are used a day, how much money has been received?, how many bikes have been stolen…. The trolley is another boondoggle…


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