Force Romero Out

Larry Romero officially resigned from City Council in February but continued to get a paycheck and will continue to get one until his replacement is elected.  However, KFOX is reporting that “City Council may have figured out a way to stop the paychecks by forcing him out.”  HUH?  Didn’t his resignation ‘force him out’?  Well, apparently not as he continued to receive a paycheck.  As a matter of normal business, the City Council has been excusing Romero’s absence.  Why?  Who knows, maybe they were trying to be nice.  Maybe they thought that they had to.  Whatever the reason, it was happening.

Now it appears that they may have found a way to stop those paychecks: “Texas state law says once a representative has three unexcused absences, City Council can remove them and stop paying their salary.”  All it takes is a majority vote to mark him ‘unexcused’.  After that, how long would it take to actually remove him?  One assumes that there is some paperwork involved and that it takes some work to complete the removal process.  Our guess, he’ll get the unexcused absences but they won’t be able to complete anything or stop the paychecks before the election next month.

One thought on “Force Romero Out

  1. Of course I feel bad for anyone who’s going through health problems, but what kind of a man would so willingly accept a paycheck even though he’s no longer working? It’s only a small amount of money which means that Larry is willing to make himself look bad in front of the entire town just so he can receive a few dollars.


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