No Joke – Your Electric Bill Goes Up on April 1st

El Paso Electric has announced that the settlement agreement ($37 million rate increase, an overall 8 percent increase) made at the end of February was approved by the Public Utility Commission of Texas (PUCT) on March 30, 2016.  The rate increase will start tomorrow, April 1st with customers seeing the “increase in their utility bills as early as Tuesday, April 5, 2016”.  According to KVIA:  Residential customers using an average of 625 kilowatt-hours per month in Texas will see an average bill increase of $8.12 per month in the summer, and an average increase of $5.47 per month in the winter. Small commercial customers will see an average increase of 2.92% per month.

According to the El Paso Times, the interim rates does not include the residential customers who have installed or applied to install rooftop solar systems after Aug. 10, 2015.  “There is no change in the fees for rooftop solar customers yet,” De La Torre, a spokesman for El Paso Electric Company,said. De La Torre said the company has agreed to wait until the PUCT issues a final order, which is expected to be released within the next six to 12 weeks, to set a separate rate class for solar residential customers.

So, if you’ve got solar power, you’ve got another 6 – 12 weeks before you start getting screwed like the rest of El Paso.

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2 thoughts on “No Joke – Your Electric Bill Goes Up on April 1st

  1. Oil prices remain low. El Paso’s population is pretty close to stagnant. So, why does EPE really get to raise our costs yet again? I mean, other than because they are a monopoly, and can get away with it? I think the biggest April Fools are EPE’s customers.


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