Why It Matters If Romero Answers Ethics Questions

KVIA is reporting that Larry Romero, who had initially refused to answer the 53 questions from Ross Fischer because “he had already appeared on ABC-7 Xtra, held a news conference and provided answers to the community,” has provided his answers.  However, he failed to answer all of the questions and many of his answers contradict information already known to the public through FOI requests.  But, why does it matter?  He has already resigned from office and candidates are already filing to run for the District 2 spot in May.  It matters because the ethics complaint and the investigation is about TWO people:  Romero and Gonzalez.  If Romero is able to provide information into how Gonzalez was involved in these items (the failed change in financial adviser, the roads that were repaved and the speed cushions), then he might be able to finally provide that final bit of information that will allow the El Paso Times to get one of its greatest wishes: to finally get rid of Tommy Gonzalez.

Additionally, although Romero has left office, that does not shield him from prosecution if he broke the law.  If the Ethics Commission determines that the law was possibly broken, then their findings would be passed along to other legal entities to investigate.  Do we think this is going to happen?  Probably not.

Given that Romero did a half-hearted job at answering the questions, do you think the Ethics Commission or City Council are going to push him for more (better) answers or just leave him be?

Photo Courtesy elpasotexas.gov.


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