Issues Registering to Vote Online? You’re Not Alone

The El Paso Herald-Post is reporting that The Texas Civil Rights Project has filed a lawsuit against the state of Texas “for refusing to allow people to register to vote when they renew their driver’s licenses online.”  According to the lawsuit:

“The State of Texas permits certain Texas driver’s license holders to renew their license and/or update the address on their license online on DPS’ website at See Ex. A, at 1. During the online process, these individuals are asked to Case 5:16-cv-00257 Document 1 Filed 03/14/16 Page 2 of 19 3 check “yes” or “no” in response to the statement, “I want to register to vote.” See Ex. A, at 2; Ex. C, at 19. It is undisputed that, even after an eligible voter checks “yes,” Defendants fail to offer any means for simultaneous voter registration and fail to update the registration records of voters who change their address.”

Under the National Voter Registration Act, eligible voters have a right to register when they update or renew their driver’s license, however the Texas site makes it difficult to update voter registration information with “many eligible voters who attempted to update their voter registration records through the DPS website were rejected, and when they arrived at the polls, were not allowed to vote.”  According to the lawyer on the case, they have received almost 2,000 complaints from voters attempting to update their registration files when visiting the DPS website but they suspect that there are many more people who have had issues.

“The complaints were compiled from elections held across the state between September 2013 and May 2015, and do not include any complaints from the recent Texas primary.”


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