Who Will Replace Romero?

The special election for the District 2 spot recently vacated by Larry Romero has been set for May 7th.  So far, 3 candidates have filed:  Jim Tolbert, David Nevarez and Angel Del Toro.


Photo courtesy http://jimtolbert.blogspot.com/

Jim Tolbert – “Now more than ever, we need strong, ethical representation at City Hall. We need leaders committed to a common vision who are willing to put in the hard work to make good things happen for El Paso residents. I want to work with the voters of District 2 to restore integrity and decisive leadership to City Hall.” Tolbert unsuccessfully ran against Romero in the 2013 election.  He is also the one to file the ethics complaint against Larry Romero and Tommy Gonzalez.  Tolbert, an El Paso native, is an environmentalist, sales representative, and a neighborhood activist. He is the Director of El Paso’s Celebration of Our Mountains, Chair of the West Texas Urban Forestry Council, member of Senator Jose Rodriguez’s Sustainable Energy and Environmental Committees, the City of El Paso’s Open Space Advisory Board, former Co-Chair of the City’s Parks and Recreation Advisory Board, and former member of the Building Standards Commission.  You can read his blog for his last run here, we were unable to find a page for this run. From his Facebook page: If elected, Jim Tolbert will:

• Be a full-time Representative who will listen to his constituents, communicate, be open, honest and transparent.
• Represent all of the interests of District 2, and be a strong leader who will work to make City government functional and ethical again.
• Champion El Paso’s businesses and employees. Growing businesses and well-paid workers mean a prosperous community.
• Work toward ending government waste of your tax dollars.
• Preserve our natural and heritage resources. Improve our parks, senior centers and recreational facilities.


Photo courtesy www.facebook.com/davidforelpaso

David Nevarez –  “Let Us Put People First, Not Politics”. Nevarez is a former marine and Chairman for the city’s Veterans Affairs Advisory Committee.  You can read his facebook page here.  It appears that he has a webpage but it is currently under construction.  From his Facebook page: David’s priorities as City Representative for District 2 will be:

1. Equal access and open representation of local government to promote new ideas
2. Stronger efforts for higher paying jobs and greater economic development for the district
3. Balancing the protection of open spaces and historical identity, while welcoming much needed improvements to the district’s infrastructure.


Photo courtesy his Facebook page.

Angel Del Toro – Other than a Facebook profile, we were unable to find much information on him.  According to thelionstarblog, “He’s from the Austin area and is a retired Financial Analyst with the Federal Reserve Bank. He’s in his late 60’s.”  That’s really all we’ve got on him so far.

So, get ready to vote!  Candidates have until Monday, March 28th to file.

You can read the elpasoproud story here.


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