Water Rate Increase Starts This Month

In case you forgot, your water rates went up as of March 1st.  “Stormwater fees will go up about 35 cents more for the average home, or $3.21 to $3.56. For water and sewer, the average rate would go up $4.52, from $41.56 to $46.08. In Las Cruces, the average home pays $33.41. Commercial properties will see an increase of $18.17.”

According to the KVIA story, EPWU is seeking grants to try and lower the rate increase.  However, the rate increase will go into effect before any grant money has been obtained.

You can read the KVIA story here.


2 thoughts on “Water Rate Increase Starts This Month

  1. And, as a reminder, remember that storm water responsibility used to rest with the City, but the wonderful Council figured out a way to keep the tax dollars we were paying for this service, while pushing the responsibility over to the PSB. So, no decrease in taxes, but increase in water bills, with no real change in services to the residents. Meanwhile, let’s remember that our light bills are going up, because EPE can’t make it with the rates. “But, with oil prices so low, how can this be,” you ask. And, well you should. Things remain rotten in our little corner of Denmark.


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