elpasozoo.org Website Infected With Malware

We received this note from a concerned reader yesterday:

The El Paso Zoo is running a website that is hacked and is full of malware/spam. They were notified of this multiple times starting a couple weeks ago but still have not fixed it. There are even people who have had their computers infected from using the website.
You can verify this malware on their website by doing a google search for “site:elpasozoo.org“. Not only will that immediately say the site was hacked (as identified by google), but you will also see a bunch of “spam” and garbage links on the site.  See the screen shot below:
googe query
I notified the zoo of the hack on February 22. I posted on their facebook account on that day as well as emailed them, so you can scroll down their FB account and see that Feb 22 post. As a matter of fact they said it was fixed then, but it never was. I repeatedly emailed them a few more times since Feb 22 and they said they were still working on it. However it is still infested. 
This is a major security concern and the zoo is actively spreading viruses and malware. I think this story needs to be brought to the public’s attention to limit their risk if malware.
When we emailed Jon, he told us that not only is the website still up, but the issue is still occurring and he received this message from the El Paso Zoo yesterday:
Hopefully this issue gets fixed soon or, at the very least, THE WEBSITE SHOULD BE TAKEN DOWN UNTIL THE ISSUE IS CORRECTED!

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