PIP PIP Tommy Gonzalez

“A performance improvement plan (PIP), also known as a performance action plan, is a great way to give struggling employees the opportunity to succeed while still holding them accountable for past performance. It is not always clear why an employee has poor performance.”  – The Society for Human Resource Management

So, after reviewing the Ross Fischer report, the City Council has elected to place City Manager Tommy Gonzalez on a performance improvement plan (PIP).  The plan was reviewed with Mr. Gonzalez during a closed session on Tuesday.  No details are being released about the plan or about what was discussed in Tuesday’s meeting:  “It being a personnel matter, there is no discussion on personal matters,” Leeser said. (You can read the KFOX story here).

Have you or a colleague ever been placed on a PIP?  How often does that person actually stick around?  It has been our experience that the person either does not fulfill the requirements of the improvement plan and is subsequently fired OR they see the writing on the wall and leave.  We wonder how much longer Tommy Gonzalez is going to  be around.


One thought on “PIP PIP Tommy Gonzalez

  1. Here’s another question for consideration: How do you justify handing a huge raise (an amount alone greater than most employees annual salary) for an employee one day, and then mere months later, place them on a PIP???


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