The Ross Fischer Report & The El Paso Times

This weekend the El Paso Times did a three part editorial on the Ross Fischer report.  Here are our summaries of those articles:

  1.  Wilson Must Answer Ballpark Bond Questions:  The El Paso Times is trying to simultaneously take Wilson to task while defending her and saying that the additional money doesn’t really matter because “The bonds are being repaid by hotel-motel tax money, not property taxes.” and because El Paso will have the opportunity to refinance the bonds.  Doesn’t that make you feel better?
  2. El Pasoans, Speak Up On City Government: In this editorial, the El Paso Times has decided that the solution to getting Wilson to talk is to ignore it completely and encourage you to contact City Council Members (obviously).They even give you email and phone numbers so that you can contact the Mayor and City Council members.
  3. City Actions Require Law Enforcement Review: District Attorney Jaime Esparza, who is up for re-election tomorrow, announced that he had asked the Texas Rangers to review the Ross Fischer report. They then provide a list of items outlined by the report that might be criminal violations.  Know what wasn’t in that list?  The recommendation that a subpoena be issued for Joyce Wilson.  Also, we agree with – this move by Jaime Esparza looks more like a desperate move to help his election campaign.  Where was he during the El Paso Children’s Hospital Bankruptcy and the IGT for rent discussions?

So there you have it, the El Paso Times’ take on the Ross Fischer report.  They clearly like Joyce Wilson and are having a difficult time finding the right tone with her refusals to cooperate.

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