26,232 – That is how many El Pasoans voted in early voting. How many of us are registered?  400,504.  That means that 6.5% of registered voters have voted.  That is an appalling turn out and, unless there is a HUGE rush to the polls on Tuesday, El Paso continues the tradition of having a small minority of people making decisions for the large majority.  Way to go, El Paso.

There is still time – March 1st is election day.  GET OUT THERE AND VOTE.  You can find your polling station by clicking here.

One thought on “26,232

  1. I wish I knew how we could better succeed in getting people to fulfill their civic duty, but I fear a big part of the problem is the lack of education. We do not teach a course in Civics in school these days (at least, as far as I know, we do not), and kids do not learn much history, and certainly do not get any lessons in political science, so perhaps the general populace just does not see that voting is more than making a choice. Voting is how we successfully ran this nation for a couple hundred years, and now that people don’t bother, the few are dictating to the many.


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