UMC Chief Legal Counsel Jumping Ship

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In his Friday letter last week, Jim Valenti announced that Eddie Sosa, UMC Chief Legal Counsel, would be leaving effective March 14th.  Mr. Sosa has worked for UMC for the last 16 years and has left to take a “position as the First Assistant to the El Paso County Attorney, Jo Anne Bernal.”

Jim Valenti’s last day is quickly approaching.  Although we hear constant rumors (most likely started by him) that he will be staying, this is a strong indication that his time with UMC is over.  His failed vivavalenti campaign proved that El Paso is, at best, apathetic towards him with fewer than 70 people signing his petition to keep him at UMC.  The recent article in the El Paso Times about how he mislead the Commissioner’s Court about bonuses shows that he has few public supports there. Now we see the first of his management team leaving.

We predict that Eddie Sosa is just the first, not the last, of Jim Valenti’s management team to jump to something new. An interesting side note, Eddie Sosa was on the committee formed to find a new CEO for UMC.  Does this mean that they have found one and just haven’t announced it yet?

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