This is a 2 way race between OSCAR UGARTE (137) and M.E. “MARC” CHAVEZ (138). The seat was left vacant when Constable Robert Parker White was killed in the line of duty last November.


Oscar is a current Sergeant and Deputy Constable in Precinct 1 and has 14 years experience in law enforcement. After graduating from High School, he obtained his Texas Corrections Officer License and became a Texas Certified Police Officer at 21 years of age. More recently, he received his Advanced Police Officer License and have qualified for certification as a Texas Police Officer Instructor. He has served as a Corrections Officer, Police Officer, and Court Bailiff. You can view his website here. Oscar Ugarte states he will focus on three main issues:  increasing public trust, safeguarding neighborhoods, and administrative streamlining. “The constituents of Precinct 1 deserve no less than the highest level of service and integrity.”


Marc Chavez is currently a Sergeant in Precinct 3 and has over 10 years of experience with the El Paso County Constable’s Office and over 20 years of public service experience.  He currently hold his advanced TCOLE Peace Officers proficiency license and has more than 1,400 hours of continuing Peace officer training.  He has served as a City Police Officer for Santa Rosa, Deputy Constable with Precinct 3, and a campus police officer with El Paso Community College.  We were unable to find a webpage for him, but you can view his Facebook page here.  His Facebook page does not tell us what issues he feels need to be addressed.  Also, we found it a little bit odd that he was running for precinct 1 when he has been working in precinct 3 and the precinct 3 constable is up for re-election (and is running unopposed). “For a Fulltime Leader with integrity and a proven record”.

Got an opinion on who would be the best Constable? Get out there and VOTE!

You can find your voting station by clicking here.

Pictures curtsy the individual candidate sites. 


3 thoughts on “CONSTABLE, PRECINCT NO. 1

  1. How can Oscar work on his goals when he is not out greating the people, shaking hands, when he is out he is hovering over Constable White’s parents. He has no integrity if he did he would leave this lovely folks alone and let them grieve. Just putting out what I seen with my own 2 eyes. People get out meet your constables! Make a well informed vote!! Make your voices heard.


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