This is a two-way race with MARY E. GONZÁLEZ (54) and CHENTE QUINTANILLA  (55).


Mary Gonzalez is the incumbent and was elected in 2012.  You can view her campaign page here.  Gonzalez earned her B.S. in History and Mexican American Studies from the University of Texas, Austin and her M.S. in Liberal Arts and Social Justice from St. Edward’s University in 2009. Her professional experience includes working as Assistant Director of the Office of Research and Demonstration for the National Hispanic Institute, Assistant Dean of Student Multicultural Affairs and Visiting Instructor for Southwestern University and Program Coordinator of the Multicultural Engagement Center for the University of Texas, Austin.


Chente Quintanilla was the district 75 representative from 2003 – 2013.  You can view his campaign page here. Former Rep. Quintanilla represented HD-75 in El Paso County 2003-2013. He is a former educator and school district administrator and has served on the El Paso Community College Board of Trustees and on the Tornillo Municipal Water District. During his time in the Legislature, Quintanilla served on the House Business and Industry, Licensing and Administrative Procedures and the Ways and Means Committee. Chente was also a part of the infamous Killer D’s whose walk out protest brought the House to a standstill when the Republican leadership refused to recognize Democrats in House Chambers.  State Rep. Inocente “Chente” Quintanilla and Justice of the Peace Enedina “Nina” Serna are currently being investigated by the Texas Attorney General’s Office for alleged voter fraud during the 2014 elections.  “Specifically, it’s alleged several individuals unlawfully assisted voters, possessed carrier envelopes without providing information required by law, and coerced voters to vote for a particular candidate by threatening retaliation in court,” the report states. There has also been a civil suit filed.

If we had to pick a candidate in this race, we would go with Gonzalez.  She’s been doing the job and, unlike Quintillian, she does not have a cloud of impending legal issues hanging over her head.

So far, early voter turn out has been VERY low.  Friday seems like an EXCELLENT day to get out there and vote!

You can find your voting station by clicking here.

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