Bloggers United To Get The Vote Out

Early voting started on February 16th.  Try this – turn to the people around you right now and ask them if they have voted.  We can almost guarantee their response will be “oh, did that start already?”.  Even better, ask them if they know when the actual voting day is (March 1st, in case you’re wondering) and see how many people know.

Voter turn out is amazingly low in El Paso and few people understand how important the primary elections are – if the candidates are both from the same party then the election is decided in the Primary, not in the November election.  So, in an effort to encourage people to vote, ELP Tax Guardians has reached out to as many bloggers and Facebook pages as we could find to have us unite in one message, to get people to vote.  You read our pages, you comment on our posts, now we are asking you to go one step further and go out and vote.  If the borderland bloggers are willing to put aside our differences to encourage you to vote, doesn’t that say something about how important it is?

So, starting tomorrow, ELP Tax Guardians will be encouraging you to vote as well as posting information about the local candidates – who we like, who we don’t like, who we don’t know.  Hey, if the El Paso Times can endorse candidates, why can’t we?  Please read our stories, comment on them if you want, but GO OUT AND VOTE!  Take a friend with you, take 5 friends with you and make it a party, but get out there!

You can find your voting station by clicking here.

Not sure who is running?  Educate yourself:

Democrat Sample Ballot

Republican Sample Ballot


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