Too Important To Wait Until The Last Minute

Early voting goes from February 16th – February 26th with election day on March 1. But, it’s just the Primaries, so why does it matter if you vote or not?  For most of the local El Paso races, it matters a great deal.  Interestingly enough, if the candidates that are running for office are all from the same party, then the election is decided in the Primary. So, all of those races in El Paso where  you have multiple democrats running against each other, this is the only time YOU will actually get a chance to vote.

Not a Democrat?  Right now you need to decide if it would benefit you to vote in the Democrat or Republican Primary.  You’ll get your chance to vote for President in November regardless of which Primary you vote in now. However, given that the majority of the local races are between democrats, you might want to consider voting in the democrat primary. You have the opportunity NOW to help decide the fate of your city and determine who you want to represent YOU.

Don’t put it off, go out and vote in early voting and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  Take a few extra minutes at lunch this week and vote, or stop and vote on your way home from work.  A few minutes of your time in the next 2 weeks can make a HUGE difference in El Paso.

You can find your voting station by clicking here.

Not sure who is running?  Educate yourself:

Democrat Sample Ballot

Republican Sample Ballot

According to the El Paso Herald-Post, only 6.47% of registered voters voted in the last election.  Let’s all work together and see if we can get that number higher!




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