The Sound of Your Money Being Spent

El Paso Times is reporting that El Paso Children’s Hospital’s revenue jumped in December:  “After losing an average of $1.85 million in each of the first six months of the hospital’s controversial bankruptcy, Children’s reported to U.S. Bankruptcy Court that it had earned $650,000 in December. Revenue that month increased $3.9 million, or 62 percent, over November.”  That’s good news, right?  At least for the tax payers that is good news, the El Paso Children’s Hospital did well.  Granted, part of that was due to the fact that “Children’s received a $3.1 million payment under the disproportionate share program — which benefits hospitals with a high percentage of low-income patients.” But still, EPCH earned that money because it took care of low-income patients and, honestly, do we care where the money comes from as long as it doesn’t come from us?

HOWEVER, if you’re trying to paint a picture that the consulting company that was helping to run the hospital at that time was incompetent and that they shouldn’t be paid, then this is bad news.  If, for example, you are the El Paso County Commissioners and are using tax payer dollars on lawyers to fight these fees, this ruins the story you’ve been spreading:  “County Judge Veronica Escobar has said the firm did little to restructure the hospital’s operations and finances. She also has said that the hospital went through the expense of a bankruptcy only to end up with a settlement that was similar to one that was on the table in 2014.”

We’ve already spoken about how the two plans are WILDLY different (you can read our post here), assuming that they are talking about the plan that was being considered in early 2015, we’re not sure which plan they are talking about from 2014.  Now we’re hearing that the El Paso Children’s Hospital is doing better.  Yet, Veronica Escobar will continue to spend your money fighting against AlixPartners’ fees.  Is she being a good steward of our money or is she using our money to pursue her own personal vendetta?



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