You’re The Boss

We found this org chart on the El Paso County Web Site.  If you’re at a restaurant and you don’t get what you want, you complain to the waiter.  If their answer is unsatisfactory, you complain to their manager, and so on.  If you want something fixed, you don’t turn to the people sitting at the table next to you and complaint to them and hope that they will do something about it, you don’t pay the bill if you didn’t get what you wanted.  It is the same with what is happening with the county.  Many of us are upset over what is happening and how our money is being spent.  But, instead of complaining to the County Commissioners, we complain about them.  We lean over to each other’s tables and whisper and shout and hope that something will get done.  We continue to watch them waste and spend our money and we think that there isn’t a thing we can do about it.  But, there is.  The County reports to us, the tax payers.  If you don’t like what is happening, send them a letter, go tell them during their meetings, do something.

Right now they ignore blogs like ours and others because they believe that we are on the fringe; a bunch of disgruntled people with agendas.  But, if more people were to speak up directly to them, then we could affect change. So here it is, our challenge to you:  don’t like what is happening with your money?  Upset with how your employee is behaving? Write them an email.  It only takes a minute and what’s the worst that can happen, they’ll be upset with you?  Well, you’re already upset with them and they work for YOU, not the other way around.

Veronica Escobar, County Judge:

Carlos Leon, Precinct 1:

David Stout, Precinct 2:

Vincent Perez, Precinct 3:

Andrew Haggerty, Precinct 4:



2 thoughts on “You’re The Boss

  1. The members of the CCC do not care if you complain they know the majority in El Paso will whine at them for a short time than do nothing beyond whining. The CCC thumbs their noses at the tax payers everyday and pretty much allowed to do so without consequences.


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