Pay No Attention to the Veronica Behind The Curtain

In his is blog this week, Max Powers wrote about how there is no Veronica Escobar endorsement on Lina Ortega website, but that Escobar is working behind the scenes to raise money for Ortega’s campaign. According to Max, the fundraising isn’t going as well as expected because ” once reliable donors for anything that Escobar asked for are telling Escobar, “No.” When this happens, Veronica then asks them to stay out of the race completely. Isn’t it a little odd that she expects that the people who have refused to give her money would yield to her wishes to not donate to Lina’s opponent, Adolfo Lopez? We wonder if Lopez will get votes just because Escobar is NOT supporting him.

In other news, Barbara Carrasco has filed an ethics complaint against City Rep Claudia Ordaz. The complaint states that Ordaz violated state law by discussing executive session information. Who was she sharing information with? Veronica Escobar. According to the El Paso Times article, “Carrasco’s complaint said that on June 1, during an executive session at an agenda-review meeting, Ordaz texted Escobar — a political ally and mentor – on the status of economic incentive requests from a company wanting to build medical facilities in El Paso.”

So, now we have two instances of Veronica working behind the scenes. This made us wonder, are there other places where Veronica Escobar is trying to pull strings from behind the curtain? We still have unanswered questions about her role in the initial setup of and subsequent bankruptcy fight with the El Paso Children’s Hospital. Will those questions ever be answered or will she continue to work from the shadows?


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