Lack of Oversight Corrected?

“This ruling is also a victory for the taxpayers of El Paso County, who will now have greater oversight over the Children’s Hospital. The lack of accountability in the past, I believe, is one reason this whole situation was able to metastasize in the first place. However, with diligent work and stewardship, both UMC and the Children’s Hospital, which provide immeasurable services to this community, can continue to flourish and offer our residents the highest quality of healthcare.”  Commissioner David Stout in his January Newsletter.

Anyone else concerned about this new oversight?  This debacle happened under the current County Commissioner’s watch and, as we have proven time and again, UMC was able to enter into contracts with EPCH that were widely inflated and a way to bilk money from the Children’s Hospital.  Where was the oversight there?  Are the County Commissioners committed to doing something to correct the obvious problems with UMC as well?  Finally, how much oversight do they really have?  When Jim Valenti got a bonus in 2013, the County Commissioners could do NOTHING about it, they couldn’t even remove the board members.  This is a victory for someone, just not necessarily the tax payers.


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