City Council Makes Some Decisions

It would appear that El Paso City Council made several decisions this week:

  • The City Council has approved “an 8-year roll out for the next phase of the 2012 bond issue projects totaling $416 million included $204 million for the three Downtown signature projects (arena, children’s museum and cultural center), $155 million in parks and parks improvements, $46 million for the zoo, $10 million for libraries and $1 million for museum and cultural arts.”  (You can read the El Paso Times article here).
  • The West side pool that had its groundbreaking in May of 2015 and then was delayed is back on!  “After lengthy discussion, the council voted unanimously for the 8-year bond issue roll-out and the use of cost-savings from 2015 for the swim pool funding gap and to pay for up to three new spray parks.” (You can read the El Paso Times Article here).
  • The road project that had been approved is… approved.  “After long hours of debate between City Council and city manager Tommy Gonzalez, the city finally decided to continue the already approved street resurfacing project.” (You can read the KVIA story here).  It is going to cost $5.9 million for resurfacing.  However, it is unclear when the project will begin:  “City Council is asking for a full layout of the project in six weeks. Once the plan is presented, council will then vote to do a pavement condition index study.”  The pavement study is going to cost $1 million.
  • The Abraham Chavez Theatre has been selected for the Mexican American Cultural Center.  “The design concepts presented to council include an addition to the existing theater that would create a separate entrance as well as space for center specific activities. As the center progresses, the city will also be able to complete much needed updates to the Chavez Theatre that will help it function better as a performance space and cultural center.”  (You can read the El Paso Herald Post story here).
  • The Pope is Coming!  “City of El Paso is preparing to impose traffic control and operational changes in the interest of public safety, health and welfare as a result of Pope Francis landmark visit to the border.”  (You can read the entire El Paso Herald Post story here). There are some meetings that you can attend to find out about closures at the Armijo Recreation Center gymnasium at 700 E. Seventh Avenue. Meeting time and dates:
    • 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, January 27, 2016
    • 10:30 a.m. Thursday, January 28, 206
    • 6 p.m. Monday, February 1, 2016
  • They may have lost you $22 million by delaying issuing the bonds, but now they are trying to save you money!  “The council voted unanimously to allow city staff to work with First Southwest to determine if there are any cost savings possible by restructuring the debt on the ballpark given the current low-interest rate conditions.”  (You can read the El Paso Times Story here). So, fingers crossed?

2 thoughts on “City Council Makes Some Decisions

  1. I heard the dollar amounts on the radio this morning. I remember 9 million for the addition that is to become the Cultural Center and, if I remember correctly, 33 million dollars for repairs and renovations to the existing building. I am not arguing against the repairs but are the dollars used for the repairs coming from the 2012 QoL funds or some other city-owned credit card?


    1. According to the KVIA article (, their proposal will cost $34.6 million which is waaaay more than the $5.7 million approved by voters. They think they can raise $25 million from the community which would leave them $9 million short. They think they’ll be able to get that money from programs at the facility. But their own study showed that it will be operating at a significant loss still in year 3. So, there is also talk of starting a foundation. Care to wager on whether they will gather all of this money before they actually start making changes?


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