Voter Fraud Alleged

Early voting starts on February 16th.  If you have been following any of the news about past elections, you know that El Paso voter turn out is embarrassingly low.  That creates a breeding ground where ‘shenanigans’ can occur.  The El Paso Times reported today that the Texas Attorney General’s office is investigating possible voter fraud that occurred last year.  In the story, it states that the following: “Specifically, it’s alleged several individuals unlawfully assisted voters, possessed carrier envelopes without providing information required by law, and coerced voters to vote for a particular candidate by threatening retaliation in court,” the report states.  The specific candidates involved? Former State Rep. Inocente “Chente” Quintanilla (who is currently running for the District 75 state representative seat) and Justice of the Peace Enedina “Nina” Serna.

Of course, these may be isolated incidents perpetrated by 2 officials.  However, why take the chance?  Stand up, El Paso!  Let these officials know that you don’t support corruption in any way, shape or form!  If they are willing to do things like this to get elected, what are they doing once they get in?  Get out there and vote.

Want to see if you are already registered to vote?  Click here.


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