Isn’t It Written Down Somewhere?

We just have to ask, are any of the procedures or policies for El Paso written down somewhere?  Isn’t there a checklist that the city employees must follow to get things done?  Speed bumps are installed without following the proper procedures and at least some of them are now being removed to allow for crews to complete work for the Trolley – all on the tax payer’s dime.  During the, now scrapped, search for a new financial adviser, the evaluating committee used a ‘consensus method’ that had never been used before and will never be used again.  The City had to hire a consulting firm to help them get past-due reimbursements from TXDOT.  Now we have this:  The El Paso City Council learned last night that El Paso lost almost a million dollars in federal funding for a roundabout at the intersection at Edgemere and R.C. Poe.  According to the KVIA report,  “City employees bought the land instead of finishing an environmental survey required by the federal government. Because the city jumped the gun, the project was disqualified from getting $900,000 for the project.”  Who is responsible for not following the process and costing us money?  “The right-of-way acquisition began prior to June 2014,” Lombrana explained. “Lots of the individuals that were involved with that are no longer with the city. It’s going to be a matter of going through each project, looking at what administratively has been done and what has not been done.” (You can read the KFOX article here).  Translation:  You’ll never know.

From the KVIA Article:  “We’re going to give the impression -once again – that we don’t know how to follow the rules,” said Niland. “That is unacceptable, Mr. Gonzalez. Unacceptable.”  What impression?  Obviously you DON’T know how to follow the rules and the tax payers are the ones literally and figuratively paying the price.


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