Turns Out They Didn’t Fight It

Buried in an El Paso Times article about how much UMC will pay for their new CEO search, we discovered that the UMC Board approved the contract with Deloitte.  If you recall, Veronica Escobar and Steve DeGroat were upset about the $170,000 a month that Deloitte was going to charge the El Paso Children’s Hospital (you can read our post about it here) and vowed to ‘fight it’:  “If the interim CEO for El Paso Children’s Hospital is going to be paid $170,000 a month as stated in federal court documents, El Paso County and UMC officials will fight it, they said.”  The odd thing about it was that UMC chose a consultant that was already working with UMC and that they were now feigning surprise over how much it was going to cost.

Well, in the UMC board meeting this week, they decided that Deloitte was actually worth the cost.  From the El Paso Times article:  “We looked at the value at what was being paid. You can’t really compare the two. The value of what we are getting from Deloitte in terms of services is far greater than what was provided previously,” Mielke said.”  So, as we all knew they would, they approved the contract and did not end up fighting it, after all. Were they ever really upset with the costs or were they just upset that they were called out on how the fees did not actually go down by much?



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