Location, Location, Location

Just a few weeks after the El Paso Exploreum closed its doors, the City Council announced that they have selected a location for the new Children’s Museum.  They have chosen the Greyhound maintenance facility located at 201 West Main Street, adjacent to the El Paso Museum of Art.  KFOX reports that they will purchase the site for $1.27 million  and that “council will get the signed documents Tuesday at their meeting. They will then move forward with negotiations.”  If you recall, in December the city postponed approving the $355.2 million for the next phase of projects, which includes the children’s museum.

So, when the Exploreum announced that they had to close “City spokesman Martin Bartlett said that it was unrealistic to expect construction of a museum in the first three years after the bond was approved.”  Now the City is ready to move forward and buy the land for the museum.  Care to make wagers on how long it takes to build a Children’s Museum?  Is it going to be fast like a Children’s Hospital or a Baseball Stadium or is it going to languish and be over budget like a pool?

One thought on “Location, Location, Location

  1. The city showed it’s commitment to education when they decided Insights was worth destroying. The Board of Insights found out about it when KVIA called them for comment.


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