Mesa Street Turn Lane 2.0

In October of 2015 a second left turn lane that had been added to Mesa St. and Resler Rd. in west El Paso was closed because TXDOT deemed the lane unsafe because it TILTS AT A 30 DEGREE ANGLE (you can read the original KFOX article here).  Why is the lane tilted? There was a fiber optic cable underneath where they want to put the lane and it would be too expensive to move it, so they put in a tilted lane.  When the lane was closed,  we were told that the tax payers would not have to pay for the repairs: “According to Bartlett, TXDOT will reimburse the city for any expenses incurred for fixing the road. ”

Well, the consultants have determined how to fix the road and construction will begin.  “The lane closures are expected to last about a month and are necessary to allow crews to modify the elevation of the roadway in some sections of the intersection,” a press release by the city read.  According to the KFOX report, the project will cost $100,000 but nobody is sure who will be footing the bill:  “The City will seek reimbursement from TXDOT,” city spokeswoman Tammy Fonce wrote in an email. However, in a separate email to KFOX, a TXDOT spokeswoman for Robert Beilek, TxDOT’s El Paso district engineer, wrote, “Mr. Bielek just informed me that TxDOT will NOT reimburse the City for the change.”

So, they built a lane that nobody can use and used your money to do it.  Then hired consultants to come in and tell them how to fix it and assured you that you wouldn’t have to pay for the road again.  Now, they are going to inconvenience everyone who has to drive down there for at least a month (You’re Welcome, Coronado High School!), nobody is being held accountable and WE GET TO PAY FOR IT!  At least your elected officials are taking this seriously, “Rep. Michael Noe said the city will have to discuss the matter with its legal team in an executive session to determine whether the original contractor should be held responsible.”

Don’t you feel better?



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