Did We Get What We Paid For?

In its latest article, the El Paso Times once again criticizes the consulting company that is running El Paso Children’s Hospital and tells us that the County Commissioners will continue to use your money to dispute payment of AlixPartners’ fees.  According to information we found about Chapter 11 procedures: “The bankruptcy court can appoint a trustee to take over operations from the debtor if it finds sufficient cause. Cause for appointing a trustee includes fraud, dishonesty, incompetence, and gross mismanagement of the debtor’s affairs.”  (You can read more about it here).  If, as the County Commissioners claim, AlixPartners and the hospital’s law firm, Jackson Walker were mismanaging the hospital, why didn’t they petition the court to have them removed for cause?  Instead, they continue to spend tax payer dollars on legal fights over fees.  This implies that their discontent is not with who was running the hospital or how they did it, just with the fact that the people who helped the El Paso Children’s Hospital declare bankruptcy are getting paid for it.

Finally, when are the County Commissioners and UMC going to tell us how much of our money they spent in this fight?  While they are screaming over how much money the El Paso Children’s Hospital spent, they are eerily quiet on what the price tag actually was to tax payers for the lawyers that were hired for UMC and the County Commissioners.  Do we, the tax payers, get an opportunity to argue against payment of those fees?  Did we get what we paid for?


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