Your Voice Can Make A Difference

On August 25, 2015, the El Paso Herald Post reappeared on the scene, thanks to local journalist Chris Babcock. The original Herald-Post was an afternoon paper that published its last news article in 1997 due to a decline in circulation. Although the new online paper has the same name as the original El Paso Herald Post, the two are not affiliated.  From Chris Babcock: “I brought it back because the time is right, we’re starting to head in the right direction as a city and the best way to keep it going is through dialog. As I’ve posted: informed opinion leads to discussion, which in turn leads to action.” (You can read the story about here).

We mention this paper not just because it is nice to have an alternative to the sometimes biased reporting of the El Paso Times, but also because of one of their recent opinion pieces,  “A Conspiracy of Our Own Making“.  In it, Chris Babcock talks about blogs like this one and others and the poor turn out that El Paso continues to have for elections:

“At the end of the day, all the blogs and all the Facebook rants are not going to change one single thing. (Sorry, fellow electron wranglers) FoIAs will get stacked to high heaven, and the points made on blog sites will become ‘I told you so’s and those in power will continue to conspire, in both real and imagined plots. It will all remain the same. Unless one thing changes.

The 6 to 20% turnout.”

We agree – unless people start making their outrage known through their vote, then nothing is ever going to change in El Paso.  Don’t like your high property taxes?  Hate what your elected officials are doing in your name?  Write them a letter, attend a council meeting and, most importantly, VOTE!  One Voice, YOUR VOICE, can make a difference.

You can find the El Paso Herald Post online at or follow their Facebook page.



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