$6 Million That You Don’t Get Back

Quietly, on December 14th of this year, the County Commissioners and UMC decided to do a $6 million ‘capital substitution’ with the 2013 bond money (you can read the 12/14/15 meeting minutes here).   UMC had been able to get $6 million in Medicaid Supplemental Funding for one of their projects, that left the bond with a $6 million surplus.  Rather than refund it, they decided to spend it:

Agenda item

Obviously these items weren’t critical since “These items were on UMC’s long-range IT plan and would be implemented as funding became available.” (read the summary here).  They just had the money laying around, they might as well spend it now.  Here is what they decided to spend it on:


Source:  http://www.epcounty.com/agenda/Coversheet.aspx?ItemID=21935&MeetingID=519 under attachments

Kudos to UMC for finding additional funding!  However, as a tax payer, wouldn’t you want that money back?  Or at least, get a say in how it would be used?  $6 million is a lot of money – that could rent a Children’s Hospital for a year!

We suppose it makes sense that the County Commissioners didn’t see fit to ask you about the money; a pickpocket doesn’t ask you how to spend the money he’s taken from you, either.


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