Keeping It A Separate Entity

In the press, at least, it would appear that the County Commissioners and the UMC board are committed to keeping El Paso Children’s Hospital separate and off of the tax payer’s bill.  Here, from least recent to most recent, are quotes that they have made in the press:

“But Escobar said she will only accept a plan she thinks will save the Children’s Hospital with a different CEO and board different from UMC’s.”
“Contrary to suspicions that Valenti and UMC have wanted to take control of Children’s and its revenue, Escobar said, their hope is that the new hospital will become stable and remain a separate entity.”
Veronica tweet – “UMC was committed to preserving the vision of a free standing hospital.”
El Paso Children’s Hospital submits bankruptcy counter offer – September 2015  “UMC and the county wanted them to stay alive and independent. The issue has been that we needed terms for that strategic partner to live by,” Escobar said
Veronica Escobar:  “Not one of us wants to see Children’s Hospital as a department of UMC,” she said.
“He said Children’s Hospital will continue to be an independent organization with its own board and chief executive officer.
“We are not going to have a UMC department. We are going to have a hospital that would be partnering with UMC,” he said.” – October 2015 “After the meeting, County Judge Veronica Escobar said they are committed to a free-standing Children’s hospital.” – October 2015  Veronica Escobar: “It’s going to take a number of things to turn Children’s around, and they will have their own strategic plan. It will be an independent organization but there will be accountability and safeguards, and those details are in the terms.

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