Control Is Better Than Money

We received this letter from a reader when they read our post yesterday on how the County Commissioners and UMC were indicating that they would keep EPCH separate:

VE Letter

We added the highlights.  According to Veronica Escobar, both the County Commissioners AND the UMC board are aware that the plan they put forward makes El Paso Children’s Hospital ineligible for the higher reimbursement rates (i.e. more money) from Medicare/Medicaid under the HwH model.  She thinks that ‘in the end it’ll be a wash’.  Ok, so some questions:

  1.  Would El Paso Children’s Hospitable be eligible for this new funding if it was a HwH?  Wouldn’t this be more money it could receive instead of just replacement money?
  2. We wonder if this knowledge was communicated to the EPCH Board and management or if they let the EPCH board think that they would be a HwH so that they would sign the plan.
  3. What about the projections that were jointly filed with the court?  We know that EPCH put those projections together and that they assumed a high reimbursement rate when they did so.  Did UMC and CCC adjust those projections to fit this new model or did they just lie to the bankruptcy judge?

Honestly, the only thing we’re interested in is that the El Paso Children’s Hospital does not become a tax burden.  But, it looks like UMC and the CCC are setting up a situation where the El Paso Children’s Hospital may be even less viable than it was before the bankruptcy process.  In a few years when our property taxes go up as a result of this, we GUARANTEE that UMC and the County Commissioners will conveniently forget that they had a chance to correct all of this now and they didn’t.

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