They Will Fight It

In our blog post, Less Than Pleased, we talked about how County Commissioners and UMC were upset that the new consultant for CEO that they insisted on and negotiated the contract for is going to charge El Paso Children’s Hospital $170,o0o a month plus expenses.   From the El Paso Times story : “If the interim CEO for El Paso Children’s Hospital is going to be paid $170,000 a month as stated in federal court documents, El Paso County and UMC officials will fight it, they said.”  However, according to the plan between UMC and EPCH, EPCH CANNOT approve contracts for over $200,000 without UMC approval.  So, if the contract for $170,000 per month plus expenses is approved, then UMC approved it and they cannot blame anyone but themselves.

The UMC Agenda for tonight’s board meeting has this item on it:

UMC Board Meeting

Looks like they are going to make a decision on the contract, it will be interesting to see what it is.  Is a fight going to break out as they “fight it”?

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