City Manager Gonzales has been asked to name an acting City Manager while he is on “vacation”.  According to the El Paso Times:  “Without calling it a paid leave of absence, the City Council on Tuesday voted 6 to 1 to ask Gonzalez to name an administrator not involved in the investigation to serve as an acting city manager while he takes his scheduled vacation. Officials did not say how long Gonzalez would be on vacation.” (Read the entire story here).  However, KVIA reported that Gonzales would only be on vacation for 3 weeks.

Additionally, the council also voted to:

  1.  Ask Gonzales to not to travel to speaking engagements outside of El Paso during the investigation.
  2. Prohibit him from making any major employment issues until the investigation has completed.
  3. To request that Romero to resign as chairman of the financial oversight committee and as the alternate mayor pro tem.
  4. Refer the matter of Romero preparing Gonzales’ federal taxes to the ethics committee for review.

On the plus side, “council heard a presenation (sic) saying Gonzalez is on track to save the city about $10 million this year.”


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