Less Than Pleased

So this is an odd story:  The Interim CEO that UMC and County Commissioners INSISTED be hired is now charging them too much.  In an El Paso Times story published TODAY they said: “If the interim CEO for El Paso Children’s Hospital is going to be paid $170,000 a month as stated in federal court documents, El Paso County and UMC officials will fight it, they said.”  That makes it sound like El Paso Children’s Hospital hired the new CEO and negotiated his fee.  However, El Paso Children’s Hospital hasn’t really had anything to do with either the hiring or the fee – that was all the County Commissioners and UMC.  So, just who are they going to fight?  The new CEO?  Themselves? In the article it says “Both DeGroat and Escobar agreed that while there was a consensus to hire Deloitte CRG because the company is already working with UMC…”  So, if they are already working with this consulting company, why wouldn’t they already know the fee that they were going to charge?  This sounds like they are just upset that the El Paso Children’s Hospital Lawyers, per the judge’s instructions, revealed how much the new CEO was actually going to cost and now they are trying to spin the story.

Finally, Veronica states that “with some share administrative services between the new EPCH board and UMC, they won’t need such as costly contract”.  The idea of shared administrative services that will reduce these fees is absurd.  Not only is this a FLAGRANT violation of the Medicare/Medicaid rules, it would result in a LOSS of $5 – $20 MILLION for the El Paso Children’s Hospital – probably not the reductions that they were looking for.


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